Allare Allari

The shooting of ‘Allare Allari’ directed by Muppalaneni Siva and produced by Sk Basheed on the banner of Bajju Arts with Venu, Naresh as heroes and Parvati Melton, Mallika Kapoor as heroines was almost complete but for the canning of the last song which is in progress at Padmalaya Studios from June 16. Director Muppaleneni Siva says, ‘The last song in the film ‘Kannestini Kalestini Nee Jabbameeda Cheyestini’ scripted by Bhaskarbhatla and tuned in folk style is being canned under the direction of Rakesh’s choreography. Venu, Parvati Melton and some other dancers are involving in the shooting of the song which was completed by June 18. Chakri gave fantastic tunes to all the songs. Dialogues, songs, camera and every craft in this film would remain a highlight and all the technicians worked hard for the success of the film. Especially the scenes that run in the combination of Venu and Naresh would make the audiences burst into laughter. The audiences, who expect entertainment while watching the movie, would enjoy the film totally.’ Producer Basheed says, ‘The film has come out well and would definitely entertain the audiences. We are making efforts to release the film by the end of June. There was a very good response to the audio which was released into the market recently. Mallikarjuna Rao, Krishna Bhagawan, Giribabu, MS Narayana, Ali, Sakuntala, Apoorva, Ragini and others are in the cast. Cinematography is by K Prasad, editing is by K Ramesh and dialogues are by Marudhuri Raja.

Full-length comedy piece with very good audio